Devil's Elbow Ale & Smoke House

Devil's Elbow is a tied craft beer and whiskey house with Howe Sound Brewing Company. We love BBQ, bourbon, beer, bacon and sharing a laugh with you!

The Devil's Story

In one of the earliest English legends, the Devil’s Elbow is said to have been a meeting place for two lovers – a young man and woman – whose woman’s father did not approve of their union. The father swore that he would rather the Devil take his daughter than have the two lovers meet again. On their next meeting, the Devil appeared and chased the terrified couple across the moor. When the Devil reached out to claim his prize, a loud voice boomed out and turned the Devil’s arm to stone. The Devil tore off his bent arm and threw it to the ground, and this crooked place in a road in Derbyshire became known as The Devil’s Elbow. Today, the term “Devil’s Elbow” is found as a place name in many areas of the world, where there are extreme bends in a road, trail or river. The Devil’s Elbow Class IV rapids on the Elaho River north of Squamish, BC is one such place, and is the namesake for Howe Sound Brewing’s Devil’s Elbow IPA, which lends it’s name to this alehouse.

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The Beer

We are a tied house with Howe Sound Brewing Company from Squamish, BC, offering a wide selection of popular and hard-to-find Howe Sound brews, as well as awesome selections from guest breweries around Vancouver and BC. Howe Sound is one of B.C.’s early craft breweries, established in 1996, and is now proudly distributing its beers across Canada, and in more than a dozen states in the USA. Howe Sound’s first brewer – John Mitchell – is considered the grandfather of craft brewing in Canada, establishing Canada’s first modern craft brewery (Horseshoe Bay Brewery) at the southern end of Howe Sound in 1982. Today, we’re pleased to witness and participate in the vital craft brewing renaissance in Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia.